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LEROY MERLIN Brazil aims to "give everyone the possibility of improving their home". It has access to different customer profiles an doffers them construction, finishing, decoration, gardening and DIY solutions

Inaugurated in 1998, LEROY MERLIN BRAZIL sets itself apart through the variety of its ranges and help given to its customers who are not used to doing DIY. Our market in Brazil is very fragmented. There are dozens of small shops in this construction segment. In Sào Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, there is also very strong competition from other DIY stores. This country, which is the size of a continent, must rise to the challenge of perfect logistical organisation.

Another specific characteristic is that mass market sales strongly depend on financing plans proposed to customers - mainly without interest - which has an impact on our economic model .

Our ambition is to be the customer and employee satisfaction reference in order to win leadership in each catchment area where we are and will be located.

  • 31 stores including 13 in the State of Sao Paulo, the largest and richest in the country
  • 7,100 employees
  • 10000 references in 14 sectors
  • Average store surface area: 8,000 m2

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