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Corporate life

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AKI Portugal

Mars 2014 -AKI Portugal récompensé pour une belle innovation : le projet « Mobilité AKI ».

AKI Portugal innove et renforce la proximité avec ses clients. Chaque conseiller en magasin est doté d'un smartphone ; l'application SI AKI lui permet de renseigner et assister son client en temps réel et de garder durablement le contact avec lui.
Une initiative récompensée lors du congrès de l'Association Portugaise des Entreprises de Distribution (APED) par un jury d'experts dans la catégorie «Excellence en Innovation dans le Retail».
Le prix a été décerné en présence du Prix Nobel d'Economie 2013, Lars Peter Hansen.

Leroy Merlin Pologne

Leroy Merlin Poland is the winner of the 1st edition of the contest "Tomorrow's employer"

Leroy Merlin Poland is the winner of the 1st edition of the contest "Tomorrow's employer", organised by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

Leroy Merlin Spain
Aki Spain

Leroy Merlin Spain and Aki Spain, award winners in the 2012 Best Workplaces survey

This year once again, Leroy Merlin Spain (7,700 employees) and Aki Spain (1,300 employees) are named among the top ten in the 2012 Best Workplaces in Spain awards, achieving 7th and 8th places respectively.

Two companies that are well on the way to becoming the companies of choice both for their clients and their employees.


13-03-2012 Great Place to Work rankings are proof of Leroy Merlin’s sustained performance

- Fifht place overall in companies with more than 500 employees,
- Voted one of the best for eight consecutive years in a survey that now covers 127 participating companies.

Our employees once again demonstrated how much they cherish this common culture based on developing every member of the team, professional autonomy, the pleasure of working together, and serving the customer each and every day.


07-02-11 BRICOMAN France: Values on line

On 7 February, BRICOMAN inaugurated its HR site recrute.bricoman.fr. A window displaying all the jobs on offer plus a presentation of the company, its recruitment and integration processes and its training programme and potential career path.

The interactive site promotes the BRICOMAN France project and values through storyboarding and video witness accounts from actual employees to illustrate each type of mission. Objective? Expand the store's reputation and attract not just the best candidates but those who support its values fully.


LEROY MERLIN Ukraine has opened its first store

On November 18, the three million inhabitants of the city of Kiev had the chance to explore the first LEROY MERLIN location in the Ukraine. The store is found just north of the city, in the Obolon residential area, and stretches over nearly 13,000m² divided into five departments (DIY, construction, garden supplies, kitchen/bath, and home decoration). With 240 employees and 38,000 products, this store is expected to be the top choice for locals in price, selection, and customer service, meeting the needs of both private individuals and professionals.

President Lula da Silva and Alain Ryckeboer (MD LM Brazil)

06-04-2010 Brazilianian President Lula da Silva has awarded LEROY MERLIN Brazil

as the biggest sales network for construction and DIY in the country. LEROY MERLIN Brazil is proud to be committed to the economic development of one of the biggest emerging country and to allow his growing middle class to access to housing and comfort. In 2009 sales were up to 30% and new stores had opened. In a leading country for sustainable development especially for his forest management, LEROY MERLIN Brazil has invested in a distribution unit of High Environmental Quality an international standard in term of sustainability.

Hugues, Installer KBANE France

15-09-08 KBANE France: the new chain has opened for business.

“Everything you need for sustainable housing.” Kbane is the specialist in sustainable and new energy solutions. For the past few months 25 enthusiasts - engineers, eco-coaches, approved installers and sustainable housing professionals - have been helping residents with their home improvement projects, from diagnostics to installing solutions.
The first, highly-innovative store will open in the Lille region early in 2009.
Its 1400 sq. m will offer an educational showroom, project advice and monitoring centre and a self-service section.
Click here to monitor the Kbane activity


LEROY MERLIN Spain: The first eco-designed house.

LEROY MERLIN Spain is inaugurating at Gandia (Valencia, Spain) its first green store.
This 7000 m2 store is located in the Benieto shopping centre and employs 200 people. It is the first retail area in Spain and even Europe to have been eco-designed from construction to operation, with systems to optimise energy resources and waste management and to reduce the impact on the surrounding area. LEROY MERLIN Spain is also expanding its “eco-options” range at Gandia: appropriate signage and guides lead customers to the friendliest products and services in terms of natural resource management and environmental protection for the construction and fitting out projects in their living spaces.

Dolly, Sales advisor
ZODIO France

05-12-07 ZODIO France: opening of the first shop at Massy (Essonne)

And supposing we made the house move? This was the ambition of ZODIO France when it opened its first store on 5 December 2007 after meeting with, listening to and observed the living patterns of hundreds of residents. Everything for cooking, entertaining, creating, decorating, storing and pampering the children.
There is a world of services and attentions at ZODIO as well: cookery and interior design classes, a bookshop and a gourmet area.
ZODIO is an ambition and a future. It is the adventure of a start-up within a major group.